Delphine Tesla Music

A mix of heart pumping electronic music as well as beautiful ambient instrumental music to relax mind and body.


Tesla SpiritRADIO369 

Soul lifting music for yoga, relaxation, stress relief and continuous peace of mind. 


Definition of relaxation. 1 : the act of relaxing or state of being relaxed. 2 : a relaxing or recreative state, activity, or pastime : diversion. 3 : the lengthening that characterizes inactive muscle fibers or muscles.


Relaxation is a way of spending time in which you rest and feel comfortable. You should be able to find the odd moment for relaxation. uncountable noun. If there is relaxation of a rule or control, it is made less firm or strong. The relaxation of travel restrictions means they are free to travel and work.





Soul Lifting Relaxation with Tesla SpiritRADIO369

Are you tired of feeling tired? This is your place for relaxation, pain relief from stress and daily activities. Find progressive peace of mind and relax with easy listening ambient music, sounds of nature for healing mind and body.  Uplifting positive mood music and natural sounds to enhance healing and lower blood pressure.

Reduce stress through rejuvenating healing relaxation within the higher realms of sound frequencies... 

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