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Tesla SpiritRADIO369, your destination to healing and relaxation. Listen and enjoy, find peace of mind and tranquility while escaping daily stress and noise. Sooth your soul with easy listening music, ambient piano, the sound of birds, water and wind nature's own song.

Relax with the sounds of nature and trust your imagination, sleep. Restore chi, breath deep. Rejuvenate your mind and soul with the healing power of music and nature, lower your blood pressure. Mind and body are connected, feel good, heal your mind and good health will follow. The feeling of rest and peacefulness that can come from this freedom of being is called healing relaxation.




Whether you are at home, at work, studying, trying to fall asleep, nap or simply wish to lower your blood pressure for an hour, we know that this is for you. Healing and mind rejuvenating nature sounds 

for a wonderful state of being.

Feel inspired and listen to beautiful piano instrumental music, ambient, ambient electronic, soft and peaceful, gentle and mind lifting music for the spirit.

www.delphinetesla.comTesla SpiritRadio 369


Tesla SpiritRADIO369, Your Destination to Healing Relaxation.

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